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The success of the Hogs For Dogs 2004 Charity Ride and the service dog industry, in general, depended on the generosity of people like you. While the ride was measured in miles, our success was measured by the number of men and women we empower by partnering them with a guide or assistance dog.

An estimated 52 million Americans suffer from some form of disability or impairment. Of course, not all these individuals will benefit from the services of an assistance or guide dog, but many could. The waiting list for service dogs continues to grow each year, with waits of one to five years being the standard, and costs for the lifetime training and support of each dog averaging between $18,000 and $40,000. The primary reason for these long waiting lists is the lack of funding, not the availability of dogs to be trained or the people to train them. Our goal is to significantly reduce that waiting list. And we need your help.

Making monetary donations or gifts-in-kind, purchasing Hogs For Dogs logo gear, or volunteering some of your time are all very valuable to our success. Many of today's employers encourage their employees to donate to charity and will match those donations through Matching Gift Programs. To find out if your employer has such a program, check with your company's human resources or benefits department. Whether you give five dollars, donate a bag of dog food to a local service dog school or volunteer a few hours of your time, your contributions do make a difference.

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